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Food safety is our business

US FDA New Requirements

Recent US FDA requirements on contamination risks associated with pre-harvest agricultural water will now include evaluations of on-farm mitigation measures.  Rules replace 2015 measures— that’s a long wait for the consumer but better late than never.


USDA reports that China Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs (MARA) announced the issuance of new and renewed biosafety certificates for genetically engineered (GE) events &  17 new biosafety certificates issued for GE crops approved for domestic cultivation and processing.  Previously banned,  GMO seed is likely to bring major supply chain shifts and food safety …

A Must-Read

Thomas Gray, author, discusses food safety vulnerabilities in the UK due to Brexit. “Regulatory divergence, supply chain disruptions, and consumer protection problems have put the UK’s consumers at risk.”  Mr. Gray provides dramatic examples of supply chain disruptions, food safety compliance concerns, and consumer impacts resulting from Brexit. To receive the article, please contact [email protected] …

Climate Change and Foodborne Intoxications

New German study-   underscores the link between climate change and foodborne intoxications.  Aside from standard cautionary measures, digital tracking solutions are recommended.  Think about other risk mitigation strategies, too.

A Cautionary Tale for the Grill

The CDC issues this cautionary advice for July 4:  “clean, separate, cook and chill”.  WHO’s advice—wash, wash, wash, and wash!  On June 30, USDA issued recalls of 83,165 lbs of hot dog meat products in Michigan and South Carolina.  Fire-up the BBQ with caution!!

More Dangers for Food Safety

A minus for food safety in the global circular economy:  IT systems, adversaries are attacking operational technology (OT) systems because they’re easy targets; many processors willing to pay ransoms to get up & running again. What happens to tracking data; how is it retrieved–a plus for food fraud? 

World Food Safety Day!

Today is World Food Safety Day, celebrating the work of Codex Alimentarius and food standards in general.  With global supply chains in jeopardy, the importance of collaboration should never be underrated or ignored.