Foodborne Diseases Increase

FAO and WHO report rise in foodborne diseases related to Vibrio species found in seafood. And we thought we were flattening the curve! Look for our videos, the week of April 13, from experts on new food safety technologies that help mitigate pathogen risks.

Our Best to You

We extend to all our viewers and partners our best wishes for a safe and healthy spring.  We are working remotely but remain at your disposal for any information you may require.  Please feel free to contact us, even just to chat. 

We need more surveillance, not less

FDA has had to cut back on food safety inspections but as noted in The Counter article,, the risk is now greater that we won’t be able to contain a new foodborne illness. Now is when we need surveillance the most.

COVID 19 Prevention Strategies

2020 GFSF Panel Discussion on COVID 19 Prevention StrategiesLearn more about food safety tech at local level from Webcast April 15.

Join Webcast in China, April 15

🚨TUNE IN!🚨 We’re pleased to announce that we’ll be hosting the first webcast in China on the link between foodsafety and the COVID19 outbreak.  We’ll be focusing not only on what went wrong but what can be done to get it right with new tech tools.   Join us for the video and call-in opportunity from …

Pathogens/ Prevention/ Prerequisites

Every day there’s a new stat on coronavirus news, but where’s the news on tightening food safety surveillance and compliance? With no news on the food safety side of it, GFSF plans to make some. Coming soon—a GFSF hosted interactive session online with Chinese and international experts on food safety technologies and the 3 P’s—Pathogens/ …

2019nCoV and Food Safety

The CDC Summary on-line explains that the 2019nCoV in Wuhan most likely originated in a large seafood and live animal market. Now, it’s a global contagion transmitted person to person and the focus is on medical remedies. But where’s the focus on the core issue— food safety surveillance and compliance? That’s our focus at GFSF!! 

GFSF Works to Reduce Risk of ASF in China

With ASF (African Swine Fever) still a high concern, China has lowered tariffs on frozen pork; 16 new country approvals as suppliers of meat/pork products – but how to reduce future risk?   GFSF is working with much needed detection and surveillance technologies to regain consumer confidence. 

GFSF Supports Blockchain Technology

Blockchain secures provenance and product information for suppliers, buyers, and regulators. It allows companies to track unsafe products and track where the products have been distributed.  GFSF has an upcoming blockchain event in Beijing and in 2020 we’ll be hosting workshops to assist companies, as blockchain technology has become a default verification tool.