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News | April 24, 2017  International Workshop On Global Food Safety Trends – Solutions To Expand The Export Markets For Vietnamese Enterprises Source: Food Online In the context of growing concerns about food safety in the world, the USA’s FSMA (Food Safety Modernization Act) and EFSA of the European Union have had the dramatic impacts to the export markets of… Read more »

The Impact of Trump’s Executive Order on Regulations: Food Safetyfeatured in Opinion editorial by Hannah Kyle, contributor to the Global Food Safety Forum (GFSF) FOCUS newsletter. In this article, Kyle discusses how U.S. president Donald Trump has signed an executive order mandating that two regulations be eliminated for each new regulation proposed. The two regulations eliminated must have the same… Read more »

Source:  Food Online, March 17, 2017GFSF is pleased to welcome a food safety delegation from Vietnam as the first step in launching a new franchise in Vietnam.  Their visit — March 18-25 — is under sponsorship of the High Quality Vietnamese Goods Business Association.  Meetings include CFSAN/FDA, APHIS, Hill Committees, and other international affairs agencies.   

GFSF is pleased to announce the appointment of Vincent Paez as Director of GFSF worldwide. He is an analytical chemist with an MBA from the Anderson Graduate  School of Management, UCLA.  He previously has worked for Hewlett Packard/ Agilent Technologies where his responsibilities included serving as Asia Programs Manager; Director of Food Safety Business Development at Thermo Fisher Scientific; and… Read more »

THE FREE RIDER THE USDA ECONOMISTS GROUP WASHINGTON, DC VOL. 23, NO. 1 JANUARY 2017 MEMBER NEWS In January, the Global Food Safety Forum, the American Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and Vietnamese organizations signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in food safety. In April, Rick Gilmore, founder and CEO of Global Food Safety Forum, will visit Vietnam… Read more »

Vietnam and US team up for food safety Source: Vietnam News The High Quality Vietnam Products Business Association, the American Chamber (AmCham) of Commerce in Vietnam and the Washington-based Global Food Safety Forum (GFSF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Wednesday for co-operation in food safety. Herb Cochran, AmCham Executive Director, called food safety an issue of concern for both… Read more »

Viet Nam News Reports on GFSF

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VN, USA team up for food safetyViet Nam News, January 20, 2017The High Quality Viet Nam Products Business Association, the American Chamber of Commerce in Viet Nam and the Washington-based Global Food Safety Forum signed a memorandum of understanding on cooperation in food safety.  

FIA Daily News Bulletin highlighted the interview with Dr. Weng, CFDA Chief in US, which was published in a special issue of FOCUS, the GFSF Newsletter.  See for whole interview.   

GFSF FOCUS SPECIAL EDITIONincludingInterview with Dr. Weng, CFDA POC in the U.S. CONTENTS Letter from GFSF Chairman Interview with Dr. Weng, CFDA About Us Letter from GFSF Chairman It just gets better and better! 2016 has been a good year for GFSF.  We are grateful to GFSF China staff and Director, Mr. Yuan Yao, for all their creative energies in… Read more »

Great News for GFSF!

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GFSF has had great news.  We’ll be launching a new franchise in Vietnam and working closely with Vietnam food industries under a grant.  Our focus remains Asia and we’ll continue to develop exciting programs and services in China where we have broad membership and strong relations with counterpart official regulatory agencies in Beijing and in the provinces.  For Vietnam, we’ll… Read more »