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February 19, 2014

The Food Safety Modernization Act and the International Window:

Half Open and Half Shut

Today, Rick Gilmore, Chairman of Global Food Safety Forum, addressed the international impact of the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, as a member of a panel hosted by the Farm Foundation on the implementation of FSMA.

He underscored that until the rules are finalized, no later than the court ordered deadline of June 30, 2015, suppliers and importers will continue to be in limbo.  “The gate is wide open for fraud to go undetected, food origin untraced and unverified, and consumer confidence to plummet, ” said Gilmore.  “Without an enforceable and predictable food safety system in place, there is no water’s edge.”

Despite the uncertainties and problems facing the global supply chain, Gilmore cited the example of China where enormous progress has been made in the legal architecture but where compliance still falls seriously short.  According to Gilmore, “So long as there’s a lack of clarity on such issues as third party auditor certification, all parties face the uncertainty of mounting liability exposure. “FSMA can be a catalyst for harmonization of standards and uniform compliance,” he concluded, “but so long as regulations remain unwritten and enforcement unfunded, the whole global supply chain system can be upended.”

Contact: Yuting Guo

Co-Director, Global Food Safety Forum (GFSF) and Business Development (Asia Pacific)

The GIC Group

1434 Duke Street

Alexandria, VA 22314

Tel: 703-684-1366



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