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Food safety is our business

Food Borne Pathogens and the Global Supply Chain

Food borne pathogens are borderless, thanks to global supply chains. An outbreak of Yersinia in Sweden has ended with iceberg lettuce as the suspected source of infection. From January until the beginning of February this year, twice as many people fell ill with Yersinia infection as did during the same period in a normal year.

Food Safety Illness and death rates up in UK in 2019. What about 2020? European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) annual report–illness and death rates in EU countries up in 2019 from food pathogens. Risks highest in nursing homes and at home. Wonder what 2020 report will show?!!

FDA’s New Tracking Rule

Fewer inspections and thus fewer recalls due to COVID.  Agencies are relying more on technology for surveillance and efficiency gains for food safety tracing under FDA’s food traceability rule.  FDA comment period still open on the rule. The key is to encompass critical tracking events in the supply chain.

GFSF Applauds FSMA

We at GFSF applaud the 10th anniversary of FSMA.  There are new challenges unforeseen on Jan.4, 2011 but the machinery and expertise is there to find solutions.

Food Safety Rating Platform Roll-Out

Roll-out for COVID vaccines, but food safety lagging behind.  GFSF’s roll-out is food safety impact investment platform, FSRP (Food Safety Rating Platform). Membership application open.

Rick Gilmore to Speak at Import and Export Day, Nov 20, 2020

Autumn Session of the Forum International Import and Export Day, November 18-20, 2020: to assist Russian and foreign exporters in finding partners.Day three, November 20 (HALL 1), Russia’s Export Potential Day10:00 (Moscow time)Special guest – Richard Gilmore, Founder and leader of GIC Group – international agribusiness company established in 1980, USA

CPC Featured in BiofuelsDigest Online

Just posted in BiofuelsDigest online – – Reducing Carbon Emissions in Agriculture: The Digest’s 2020 Multi-Slide Guide to Commodity Plus Carbon. At ABLC Digital this summer, there was lots of talk about carbon. In this slide guide, GIC takes us on a learning journey about commodity plus carbon and how it monetizes carbon. What is …