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Food safety is our business

Supply Chain Disruptions

Logistics Management study on supply chain disruptions.  A few takeaways: 1) bringing operations “closer to home;” 2) “global disruptions” increased shipper freight rates up to 71%; 3) very long lead times required; and 4) 83% re-thinking global supply chain operations.

Adverse Effects of Weather on Grain Production

New Food Magazine: “Changes in weather patterns, such as severe drought or flooding, can adversely affect grain production, whether it be on crop yield, quality, or risk of mycotoxin contamination.”  

Good for Food Safety, but Bad for Yields and Food Security?

Another irony — global surge in energy prices linked to grower cutback in fertilizer applications. Good for food safety?  Bad for higher yields and food security?

Food Under Attack

Food Safety Magazine: “If or when adversaries carry out an attack of large magnitude, the result could be a massive compromise of food safety, food defenses, and food security.”  Food for thought!

The Significance of China’s Latest National Food Safety Standard Plan

The Significance of China’s Latest National Food Safety Standard Plan   by Mingyi Liu, Analyst/ GIC Group China’s latest plan for the development of its Safety Standard (食品安全国家标准) was released by the National Health Commission (国家卫生健康委员会/ NHC) in early June to solicit public comments. A total of 41 entries covering standards for food additives, products, …

Food Safety Surveillance Capabilities

The Food Safety Administration Act draft legislation in the US reflects concerns over food safety surveillance capabilities.  Concerns mount in the face of global supply chain, food security issues, and trade restrictions.  And then there’s COVID!  Huge challenges ahead.

Sizzle! Don’t fizzle!

A memorable food safety quote for the July 4 holiday in the US:  As the meat sizzles on the grill, don’t let food safety fizzle out of your memory.”  USDA

Economic Profitability in Business

Global snacking giant Mondelez says sustainability in business operations is much more important to food and beverage companies to achieve economic profitability than popular opinion currently dictates, urging firms to think in the long-term.

USDA Assistance Program

A welcome initiative–USDA assistance program for specialty crop grower food safety certification expenses, including training & testing for products, soil & water.