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Food safety is our business

Advancing Food Safety through Blockchain

Advancing food safety in Asian markets is the mission of GFSF.   We’re focusing  on new tracing technologies with blockchain front and center. Blockchain secures provenance and product information for suppliers, buyers, and regulators.  It allows companies to track unsafe products and to track where the products have been distributed. There’s a net gain for …

Quality and Safety at Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving conjures up bountiful harvests and a cornucopia of food delights for Americans. The table display offers a variety of ingredients – a credit to global supply chains. But assurances of quality and safety of the meal regrettably are not the same for every household. We join the FDA in focusing on cultural and technology preparedness. …

African Swine Fever Update

Look at the numbers! FAO updates on ASF (African Swine Fever): China— outbreaks in 32 provinces; culling of 1,192, 000 pigs since Aug. 2018; Vietnam—63 provinces hit and culling of 5,600,000 pigs since Feb. 2019!!

Food Safety for US Produce Growers

Agri-Pulse reports that new Cornell /NFU survey finds more than 50% of local U.S. produce growers say they need more adequate financial resources to implement food safety practices.  The financing goes for audits and training and that goes for broader consumer protection.

Threats to Food Safety and Supply Chains

What do #Brexit and Hong Kong have in common?   Answer— large scale threats to #foodsafety and supply chains.   One practical “back-stop” is developing a new alliance of suppliers with insurers and financial institutions.

Yellowhammer Report

The leaked Yellowhammer report of no deal Brexit scenarios raises the specter of crises.  High on the list should be food safety threats in the UK and global consequences.

Special Issue, FOCUS

September, 2019 HEATHER HANCOCK, Chair, FSA We are pleased to have this opportunity to interview Ms. Hancock, appointed Chair of FSA in 2016 and re-appointed in 2019.   Heather Hancock – Chair of the Food Standards Agency Heather Hancock has a number of other non-executive roles. She is a NED for Rural Solutions Ltd and a Trustee of the …

Ranking Food Safety Suppliers

We’re advancing on new plan for ranking food safety suppliers farm to fork.  The challenge is a fractionated trade environment with multiple standards.  With insurance and financial partners, our new system can be part of the solution.