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Food safety is our business

Possible Risks with Cultured Meat Products

Nutritional and food safety concerns raised in FSA report over multiple possible risks with cultured meat products.  There may be risks such as the transfer of new diseases and viruses and allergic reactions to new proteins.

National Nutrition Month

Officially, we’re celebrating national nutrition month this March.  At the same time, FDA has reported that “the total number of ‘units’ recalled by FDA increased by 700 percent in 2022 compared to 2021.”  At GFSF, our March is focusing on compliance, standards, and tech tools to secure food safety.

Codex Alimentarius Compliance and Enforcement

To kick-off the new year, let’s start with a positive note. Despite global supply chain challenges, Codex Alimentarius with 189 members remains the gold standard for science based food safety standards.  Even Russia & Ukraine/ China & US would agree but…  Compliance? Enforcement? Quite another matter.

A New Year for Food Safety Strategies, Technologies, and Regional Collaboration

A New Year, by definition, should be different from the old. Build on the progress we’ve made so far, to be sure, but we’re also targeting new food safety strategies, technologies and regional collaboration.

Circular Circumstances

Circular circumstances:  Starting with climate change, adverse conditions like droughts are threats to food security; geopolitics heightens the threat; and the combination jeopardizes food safety. Choosing the wrong remedies only worsens climate change impacts.

Who Should be Most Thankful?

Who should be most thankful?  NFU’s Farmer Share site leads with “farmers and ranchers receive 14.3 cents of every dollar consumers spend on food…”  FAO – food insecurity climbing to 30% of world population; WHO – an estimated 600 million people worldwide fall ill annually from eating contaminated food.

The Intersect of Climate Change and Food Safety

据欧洲新鲜农产品协会称,不断上升的气温和能源成本提高了食品安全和保障。 我们同意。 温度越高,微生物污染的机会就越大。 打开空调以在短期内维持冷链 – 也许。 GFSF 正在寻求新的解决方案。

Mitigate Effects of Rising Temps and Energy Costs

Rising temperatures and energy costs heighten food safety and security concerns, according to European Fresh Produce Assoc. We agree.  The higher the temp, the greater the chance for microbio contamination. Turn up the A/C to maintain the cold chain in short term — maybe.  GFSF is seeking new solutions.

2022 Borlaug CAST Communication Award Recipient

Congrats to Dr. Martin Wiedmann, Professor of Food Safety, Cornell University and co-director at the New York Integrated Food Safety Center of Excellence, for the 2022 Borlaug CAST Communication Award.  His outstanding work has focused on raising our understanding of the pathogenesis, ecology, evolution, and transmission of bacterial foodborne and zoonotic disease—all top priorities.