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Food safety is our business

WHO/Europe Decries Numbers Sick and Dead from Unsafe Food

WHO, Europe, on World Food Safety Day, says 23 million people falling ill from risky foods annually is not acceptable. We ( agree!!!  

World Food Safety Day and FSRP

World Food Safety Day is next Monday, but global food safety is not in sight.  GFSF is focusing on the tech tools and fintech options to improve surveillance and strengthen compliance.  Our new Food Safety Ranking Platform ( is another move in the right direction.

Rick Gilmore of GFSF Participates in Eurasia People’s Assembly in Support of UN Food Systems Summit 2021

Press Release May 17, 2021 Richard Gilmore of GFSF, speaker at the Independent Dialogue <Different Routes, Similar Goals> in support of the UN Food Systems Summit 2021, underscored the disruptive effects of COVID-19 on global and, in particular, Eurasian food systems. In his opening remarks, he identified the following strategic challenges to address food safety …

Food Safety Culture

Food safety culture is the rub, according to Food Processing magazine: “…heightened emphasis within the industry on strengthening food safety culture as an important way to advance public health goals, through improved risk awareness, behavior and personal accountability.” An important finding for us earthlings on Earth Day.

Sustainable Ag and Food Security

The times, they are a-changin’!  The EU’s farm to fork strategy is to reach 25% organic farming by 2030; there’s a clamor for climate change strategies for sustainable ag and food security, and upswings in self-sufficiency ratios are likely as trade constricts.  And food safety compliance?  Time will tell.

The High Cost of Food Fraud

FAO Asia & Pacific office–new report on food fraud.  Global industry cost of food fraud estimated yearly @ 30 billion EUR.  E-produce in China found highly vulnerable; DNA barcoding of fishery products sold on-line showed 85% of fish mislabelled.  Vulnerability assessments with new tech helps; surveillance helps enforce compliance.  Honesty & transparency would also help!

Food Borne Pathogens and the Global Supply Chain

Food borne pathogens are borderless, thanks to global supply chains. An outbreak of Yersinia in Sweden has ended with iceberg lettuce as the suspected source of infection. From January until the beginning of February this year, twice as many people fell ill with Yersinia infection as did during the same period in a normal year.

Food Safety Illness and death rates up in UK in 2019. What about 2020? European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) annual report–illness and death rates in EU countries up in 2019 from food pathogens. Risks highest in nursing homes and at home. Wonder what 2020 report will show?!!

FDA’s New Tracking Rule

Fewer inspections and thus fewer recalls due to COVID.  Agencies are relying more on technology for surveillance and efficiency gains for food safety tracing under FDA’s food traceability rule.  FDA comment period still open on the rule. The key is to encompass critical tracking events in the supply chain.