Food safety is our business

Foodborne Illness Continues During Pandemic

Bill Marler, a prominent foodborne illness litigator, commemorates listeria outbreak:   Sadly, outbreaks continue unabated and likely to increase so long as pandemics interrupt surveillance and securing a food safe supply chain.    

We Need a New Food Safety Tracking and Trade Paradigm

COVID has caused disruptions in food supply chains. Is that all?  What about inventory management systems–FIFIO, Just-In-Time?  What about surveillance and inspection?   It’s time for a new food safety tracking and trade paradigm.

Fair Warning to Improve Food Systems

Farewell 2021 and thanks, COVID, for the rude awakening to strengthen food systems, secure supply chains, and reconstruct private/ public sector collaboration in 2022.  Bring it on!!!  

Safety for Holiday Meals

Doesn’t this look good?  But observing CDC/FDA warnings and supply chain surveillance are prerequisites for a good, healthy meal.  Happy Holidays from GFSF.

Registration of Exports to China

Come Jan.’22, China’s General Administration of Customs (GAC) will require advance registration for all foreign food manufacturers exporting food to China. Lots of remaining questions for us to monitor.  And here’s an idea for FDA and GAC —  supplier insurance covers inspection recall expenses.

Lack of Food Safety for Meat

Salmonella still not averted in US:   .  The problem seems to reside in surveillance and regulatory authority. Nothing new there.

COP 26 to Advance the Interest of Society

COP 26, Glasgow: secure a new mandate for the Wealth of Nations in environmental preservation and enhancement, “advance the interest of the society.” Adam Smith, famed economist from Glasgow…  

CRISPR: Climate Change Resilience, Food Safety Milestone

Developing a sustainable global food system that ensures access to a sufficient supply of nutritious, diverse and safe food for all, and simultaneously limits the impact on the environment, is one of the key challenges in the next few decades. Which means identifying technologies and sustainable agricultural practices that can adapt to climate change as well …

Food Safety’s Rightful Place

As welcome as the UN Food Safety System has been, one metric was glaringly left on the sidelines—food safety, the ultimate measure of the success of an equitable, international (and national) food system.