Food safety is our business

Sizzle! Don’t fizzle!

A memorable food safety quote for the July 4 holiday in the US:  As the meat sizzles on the grill, don’t let food safety fizzle out of your memory.”  USDA

Economic Profitability in Business

Global snacking giant Mondelez says sustainability in business operations is much more important to food and beverage companies to achieve economic profitability than popular opinion currently dictates, urging firms to think in the long-term.

USDA Assistance Program

A welcome initiative–USDA assistance program for specialty crop grower food safety certification expenses, including training & testing for products, soil & water.

World Food Safety Day 2022

World Food Safety Day is today.  Applause for great strides in tech, collaboration in private and public sectors, and consumer consciousness.  But world food safety pillars—compliance and quality—in jeopardy.  Join us at GFSF for a renewed commitment to global food safety.    


Ultimately, choice should be an ethical deliberation and selection process. So poor choices that result in human suffering, elude net zero or food safety goals are unethical.  The time for right choices is NOW.

Urgent Need for Better Inspection

We worried about the randomness and frequency of inspection during the pandemic.  Now, the outcry over the tragic infant formula case highlights other major concerns. According to  Faber, Environmental Working Group, “…we’re not inspecting enough food manufacturing facilities, and not making good enough use of the inspection resources we have.”

See Arjun Shanker and Isha Patel in the Spring 2022 Edition of our FOCUS Newsletter FOCUS Spring 2022 Food Safety in India and US

See Isha Patel Article in FOCUS Newsletter

  See Isha Patel article in FOCUS, this month:  “The goal of the FDA’s New Era of Food Safety Plan is to have end-to-end traceability throughout the food system.” Global supply chain threats likely to jeopardize FDA’s goal.

See Arjun Shanker in FOCUS Newsletter

See Arjun Shanker article this month in FOCUS newsletter:  Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) – has ushered in several changes to the food safety approach of the country (including a comprehensive approach to tightening regulations).  Good sign of greater acceptance of FSSAI efforts to raise food safety standards in India.