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GFSF ( ) and CCIC (

are proud to announce their collaboration for future food safety activities.   Our collaboration will focus on activities underway in China for 2017-2018.  CCIC is a leading inspection, certification, and testing service provider. Their inspection services include pre-shipment and consumer product inspection; certification services include product, management and international certification, and testing offered through affiliated domestic and international labs. Our new partnership will enable us to: 1) introduce the latest food safety technologies and applications; 2) provide services and products to mitigate risk in global supply management; and, 3) offer public private information sharing with Sino-US, European, Vietnamese, and other Asian country regulatory agencies.

国际食品安全协会GFSF ( ) 和中国检验认证集团 CCIC ( 自豪的宣布他们已达成合作并在未来共同开展食品安全相关活动。我们的合作将侧重于中国2017-2018年举办的相关活动。中国检验认证集团CCIC是领先的检验,认证和测试服务提供商。 他们的检验服务包括装运前和消费品检验; 认证服务包括产品,管理和国际认证,以及通过所属国内和国际实验室提供的测试服务。 我们的最新合作伙伴关系将使我们:1)引入最新的食品安全科技和应用; 2)提供服务和产品以降低全球供应管理中的风险; 3)向中美,欧洲,越南等其他亚洲国家的监管机构提供公私信息。



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