GFSF Releases June-July Newsletter

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GFSF Releases June-July Newsletter

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GFSF Releases June-July Newsletter

Alexandria, Virginia, June 20, 2016 GFSF is pleased to announce the publication of its June-July FOCUS, the NGO’s newsletter publication. This edition features updates on the movements of new food safety regulations, new and innovative technology, professional interviews, and growing e-commerce in China.

In China, the implementation of new food safety laws has been slow and there have been many obstacles to overcome. Although slow, progress is still being made. Also, new Biochip Array Technology is changing the way scientists test for harmful materials in food products. This BAT technology is at the forefront of traceability and detection. Next, the issue has a summary bulletin on GFSF’s work on a new product launch using blockchain technology for food safety footprints covering all value addition phases in the global supply chain. In addition, food e-commerce in China is growing, but concerns about food safety issues are still present. Finally, Janie Dubois, the Laboratory Program Manager at JIFSAN (Joint Institute for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition) discusses in an interview the focus of the lab’s work in China and future food safety projects, including the e-course offerings in collaboration with GFSF and other topics of related concern.

As in previous issues, FOCUS summarizes upcoming strategic food safety events including the Global Food Safety Forum Summit in Beijing, China, from June 26-27, 2016.

GFSF is a not-for-profit organization, founded and managed worldwide by GIC Group, with a diverse but interrelated industry membership: producers, processors, merchandisers/ shippers/ distributors, and retailers. GFSF/China is jointly managed by the GIC Group and its partner, BRIC Global Agricultural Consultants, with offices in Washington, DC, and Beijing.

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