Leading EU Swine Producer Joins GFSF

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Leading EU Swine Producer Joins GFSF

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Leading EU Swine Producer Joins GFSF

GFSF is pleased to welcome DUDA, S.A., headquartered in Poland and one of Europe’s largest pork producers, as a new member. In 2015, DUDA acquired AgroProvimi from Cargill, which helped position the company as a fully integrated supplier of pork products and as Poland’s leading company for red meat slaughtering, packaging, and animal nutrition.

As a leading member of POLSUS, the Polish Association of Pig Breeders and Pig Producers, DUDA has been a strong advocate of PQS (Pork Quality System) since its inception in 2009. Roman Miler, CEO of DUDA, will be a featured presenter at the annual GFSF Summit in Beijing, June 26-27.

“DUDA is a recognized brand associated with quality and safety whose example will serve as a model for our livestock industry members,” said Rick Gilmore, Chairman of GFSF.

For more information on DUDA, GFSF and the Beijing Summit, please contact us at:

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